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HRW contact Brady Hedglin – bhedglin@hrw.net

To download the Modification Approval Form click here.

Treyburn is governed by Covenants that impact improvements and modifications you make to your property. If you plan on making any changes to your existing home you must submit a “Request for Approval” to the Modifications Committee before work actually begins. In the Request you will be asked to describe the changes or additions and attach drawings and plans that depict different elevations and show how the changes relate to existing structures, landscaping, and lot lines.

The Modifications Committee will review your Request and get back to you with an answer within 10 business days of submission. They may come to look at your property and/or contact you to get additional information before making their decision.

You must use the review process for any changes you make to your home including replacing windows, adding a porch or sunroom, installing a new roof, adding a pool, putting up a fence, changing exterior colors, making landscape improvements, adding a Child’s Play set, or even re-paving your driveway with different material. If you begin (or complete) modifications before you get approval you could be in trouble with TROA. It’s possible the design you've chosen or the materials you intend to use are not permitted under our architectural guidelines. So that’s why we require you to ask first!!

If you need an approval Form for Modifications you can download the approval form by clicking the link below. You can also get a Form from our Management Company, HRW (787-9000) or e-mail Brady Hedglin at bhedglin@hrw.net. Whatever you do, please remember you must submit your plans to the Committee before any work begins at your home.

If you need a copy of TROA’s Covenants and Design Guidelines contact HRW (787-9000) or e-mail kallen@hrw.net. If you have questions on the Covenants contact HRW or a member of the TROA Board.